The amazing IMBERBUS group

are offering the chance to travel

in vintage Routemasters from

Warminster railway station across

Salisbury Plain to The Delaware

Road. Their day bus ticket will

include a stop at the legendary

Imber Ghost Village.

Return tickets / day travel passes are available for the Saturday (from 9.45am until 17.15pm every half hour) & on Sunday (from 10am until 2pm on the hour) to New Zealand Farm Camp from Warminster via Imber. More info on the ImberBus service & ticket availability here.


Parking is free to ticket holders on the site (except for large vans, trucks, camper vans & coaches). A limited amount of tickets are available for those wishing to stay in a camper van.


Upon arrival at Gore Cross you will see signs to The Delaware Road @ New Zealand Farm Camp (approx. 2 km travel from the main road). Gore Cross is on the A360 between Market Lavington & Tilshead.


Please drive carefully at all times & obey the speed limit. 

There is a small, concrete road behind Gore Cross Farm leading over the plain to The Delaware Road site. The road is wide enough for one vehicle. There are occasional bays to pull over & allow oncoming traffic to pass. 

DO NOT stop & leave your vehicle to walk on the ranges. Military exercises with live ammunition occur in this area. There will be signs reminding you of potential dangers & directing you towards the venue.

Imber Bus Map QR Final2.jpg


The nearest train station is Warminster.

Plan your train journey via National Rail Enquiries

More travel info + options here